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Our Story

Our restaurant has always been our father’s childhood dream. His uncle donated to him a piece of land, very steep and with a limited sun exposition, but with a breathtaking view over the Peninsula of Bellagio and central area of Lake Como.

As he grew up, he started passionately working on this project with his motto always in his mind “observe others’ work and make it yours!”.
After many years of hard work, the building was finished and the restaurant officially opened in 1981.
In the meantime he got married with Elisabetta, our mother, and a few years later we all arrived! Betta quickly got passionate about the cooking and soon became the chef while we became the waiters.

Nowadays our children follow the same path: Martino, Noah, Niccolò, Gaell, Cecilia ed ElisaSole are moving the first steps into the restaurant and the kitchen during the holidays!


Our grandparents, who were farmers, shared with us all their passion, love and devotion for the cultivation of the land. They also taught us the respect and the appreciation of the nearby area alongside with the importance of the enhancement of the resources it offers.

As a consequence, once finished the schools, Cristiana – agronomist – and Isacco – cheesemaker – opened their agricultural company. With knowledge, passion and a bit of fantasy they used to produce cheeses, berries and jams

while Alessandro the chef and myself Chiara, waiter, proudly offered these products to our clientele.

Vegetable garden

The passion for our land and its product is still something we value and elevate through our vegetable garden. All the products we grow go to the restaurant’s kitchen and tables. A few samples are the rainbow chard which you can find in our pizzoccheri, the wild thyme, marjoram, the burner and the borage… all herbs which we use to flavour and decore the various courses.

We also research ancient herbs, which were once popular among our grandparents when the hunger was high but the food was little, to be used in our kitchen. Some examples are the wild garlic, which grows in our area and we now use for our sauce to accompany the lake fish,

or the petascio (Hipocaris radicata), field grass you can enjoy in salads, in omelettes or boiled.

Wines and Truffles

It’s now time for our children to continue this family business. Jacopo, the oldest grandchild, enriched his knowledges with a sommelier diploma and now refines the restaurant’s wine list.

After a careful selection, he privileges wines from the area (Lake Como Terre Lariane and Valtellina) but also from all over Italy. He prefers small, local, family-run wineries with biological wines and “terroir” expressions.

Alongside with his lovely buddy Sydney, a mixed breed dog, Jacopo also guides clients in the nearby woods for truffle hunting. An extraordinary hunt for the black treasure of our area which his uncle will then use in the kitchen for his amazing dishes.

Stunning views

The lake’s waters, the various shadows of green of the nearby mountains’ slopes
and the blue sky along with the colours of the sun…

Memories from the past when everything was easier, slower, poor but authentic! At our restaurant we preserve old tools as la penagia (used to make butter,) or la canaula, a wooden collar for cattle and much more…

Our philosophy

A new era, a new identity. One foot in the past to preserve and share the tradition and wisdom from our ancestors and one foot in the future where thanks to the new trends and gastronomic innovations, we are able to offer the most special dishes with amazing tastes, fragrances and colours.

Our philosophy also pays attention to the respect of the environment and to the sustainability.

We choose renewable energy sources and we buy cleaning products with low environmental impact. Finally, we prefer to buy products from small local companies.


What they say about us

Best view, excellent food!
Best view, excellent food!
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The views from the outdoor seating are amazing here, and the food is delicious. We had a pasta tasting as part of our ebike tour, and the pizzoccheri was excellent! Everyone at the restaurant was friendly, and it was a nice out of the way place to stop for lunch.
the View, The Food, The view, The food!
the View, The Food, The view, The food!
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Being mid October we wanted to eat outside in the sun and so decided to head slightly out of Bellagio itself and boy, was it worth it! This trattoria has the most exquisite view that will have you looking up every two minutes to make sure its real. Add to that there amazing food and this is something special.
Amazing view, great staff, good food
Amazing view, great staff, good food
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When staying in Bellagio, you should definitely skip the tourist traps in the center at least for once and visit this great restaurant. The drive to the restaurant is already an adventure and fun to do. We had a nice table with the best view on the Como lake. Also great: no pizza on the menu, just good local food.
Well worth the drive!
Well worth the drive!
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I drove myself to this restaurant for lunch and getting there was half of the adventure! Expect narrow, winding roads. The view made it absolutely worthwhile, though, and the great food was the cherry on top. I found the prices very reasonable compared to other restaurants in Bellagio and the service was very pleasant.
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