Il Toc

one of the most ancient specialties of Bellagio

il Toc

Il Toc  …is the name of one of the most ancient culinary specialties of Bellagio. The name is given by the way you actually eat it.. touching (toc) it with your hands!

INGREDIENTS (100% local) 
corn flour from the “Mulino Tapella”, butter, low-fat cheese from the “Latteria di Bellagio”.

The polenta is prepared in a copper pot (water, salt, cornmeal), then the butter and cheese (previously cut) are added a little at a time until a perfect balance between the ingredients is obtained.

How to taste.

The cauldron is placed in the center of the room while all around are the chairs in a circle.

Armed with a wooden spoon, one serves directly from the cauldron.

The “toc” is eaten with the hands and is normally accompanied with salami, “missoltini” (dried, grilled lake shad), boiled hen and cotechino.

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